SUBMISSIONS Accepted Biennially: 2023 Emerging Faculty Award Winner


The mission of the BTES includes encouraging innovation through committed and creative teaching of building technology. This award recognizes demonstrated excellence in teaching performance and innovation during the formative years of an architectural teaching career in building technology. 

Building technology education plays a pivotal role in the development of professionally prepared and socially responsible students. It draws from an ever-expanding array of disciplines and its practice requires dedicated skill and learning to both enhance and inform. The path to success in our challenging future lies within the seeds of innovation planted through committed and creative teaching of building technology as we gain new knowledge and confirm the value of established practices.


This award recognizes building technology educators who display excellence and innovation in their teaching performance, methods, and subject matter early in their teaching career.


The BTES Emerging Faculty Award (EFA) is a biennial award that recognizes outstanding teaching ability and commitment demonstrated by an emerging faculty member. Faculty submissions should relate to the teaching specialty areas of environmental control systems, construction methods and materials, structural systems, or other building science and technology disciplines. Submissions should convey excellence and innovation in teaching performance, methods, and subject matter, inspiring student engagement in building technology and its impact on design.


Faculty must teach at a professional program in architecture, architectural engineering, construction or allied building science program and have a maximum of 15 academic semesters or 22 academic quarters of full-time teaching experience or 10 years part-time teaching experience. Faculty members who have already received tenure, hold the rank of full professor or its equivalent, or are current members of the BTES Board and BTES Officers are not eligible for this award*. Part-time faculty and faculty with adjunct or other non-tenure related appointments are eligible. Any faculty member, administrator, or student may nominate a candidate for the BTES Emerging Faculty Award. All nominees must be a current member of the BTES or sign up to be a member prior to award submission.      *Board members who would otherwise have been eligible for the award during their tenure will have their eligibility extended to allow them to apply after their term is completed.


Submittals are due no later than 5PM ET, March 15, 2025. Email submissions to, with the subject "Emerging Faculty Award.

Each submission shall contain the following information:

  • A letter from the nominator, explaining the reasons for the nomination according to the established criteria

  • The candidate’s résumé, summarizing their career, not to exceed three pages

  • Two letters of support (in addition to the letter of nomination) from colleagues and/or students

  • A letter from the dean, chair, or department head of the nominee’s institution verifying the nominee has a maximum of 15 academic semesters or 22 academic quarters of full-time teaching experience or 10 years part-time teaching experience

  • Supporting material illustrating or describing the candidate’s achievements – this could include, but is not constrained to, representative syllabi, representative project statements, a summary of selected teaching evaluations, and student work

  • The supporting material (excluding resume and nomination letters) shall not exceed twenty (20) 8-½” x 11” pages.

  • Please submit all of the materials as a single PDF, which can be sent to BTES directly by the candidate themselves (as opposed to nominators sending letters separately). The "other material" can appear first in the PDF package (letter from nominator, candidate resume, two letters of support, letter from dean or department head), followed by the "supporting material" (syllabi, statements, student work, etc. up to 20-pages max)

The jury will evaluate all submittals for potential award applicability, with notification to candidates by the end of May 2025. Applications will be assessed by a jury composed of three distinguished building technology educators. One or more nominees will receive this award, though the jury, in any year, may choose not to bestow the award; repeat nominations are encouraged.

Award recipient(s) will be recognized and asked to present an overview of their teaching at the 2025 conference awards session and to serve as a juror for the award during the following conference year. The BTES Emerging Faculty Award winner will receive a $1,000 stipend, plus free registration to the 2025 BTES Conference.


TBA, X University

TBA, X University

TBA, X University