CONGRATULATIONS to the 2021 BTES Book Award Winners !!


Thomas Leslie

Beauty's Rigor: Patterns of Production in the Work of Pier Luigi Nervi

Select jury quotes:

“Through the author's deep work investigating the subject matter, they are able to situate building technology and its associated aesthetics in social, political, economic (and sometimes spiritual) contexts. It's a beautiful book…”. Caryn Brause

“Well written with Nervi’s work technically understood in ways that will benefit future scholars on his work.”  Coleman Coker

“Well researched and clearly interpreted. Original drawings were an excellent contribution.”  Dana Gulinlg

Honorable Mention:

Mary Ben Bonham

Bioclimatic Double-Skin Facades

Select jury quotes:

"The book seems like a great resource for practitioners who want to learn more but also has lots of great examples of projects that will interest students.”  Caryn Brause

“(The book presents a) comprehensive analysis of subject matter, both historical and in application.”  Coleman Coker

Honorable Mention:

Rob Whitehead

Structures by Design: Thinking, Making, Breaking

Select jury quotes:

“I don't teach structures, but if I did, I'd rely on this book. (The book) builds on the experiential tradition of Salvadori to connect structural decisions to design exploration and, ultimately, expression."  Caryn Brause

“The 'think-make-break' method of learning is innovative in its project-based demonstration that conveys knowledge without the abstraction found in typical structures teaching.”  Coleman Coker

“I think that it CAN get us to rethink how we relate building structures to design, and perhaps the teaching of structure concepts in early structures curricula.”  Dana Gulling