Virtual Teaching in the Technologies

Webinar Conversations

In the wake of COVID-19, each of us were challenged to rethink the processes, procedures, pedagogical strategies, and educational opportunities we typically provide in our classrooms. We were compelled to think, act, and teach differently, to take bold risks and embark on classroom experiments unlike ever before. The Board of the Building Technology Educators’ Society [BTES], and the members of this community, came together to reflect upon these experiments, to share our successes and failures, and project forward educational innovations that may have long-term benefits in a post-pandemic world. 

These discussions took place in July through a series of webinars. Each webinar began with short presentations by a peer-reviewed selection of BTES members, followed by a moderated conversation between the presenters and the audience. Our goals for the webinar series were to share both the successes and the failures of teaching architectural technology-centered courses on a virtual platform, to disseminate ideas and to receive feedback on what was implemented this spring, and to facilitate an understanding of what challenges lie ahead, specifically for those who will be continuing to recreate courses in time for future semesters. 

The webinar session recordings and presentations, focused on of the following topics, are provided here through the following links:

     Thursday, July 16th, 2020 Zoom Session
     Tuesday, July 21st, 2020 Zoom Session

Recordings from each webinar session are provided on the related webpage. Links to the individual pre-recorded presentations are also provided within the topical webpage. If you are not a current member of the BTES, but inspired by the resources provided through the webinars, please visit our membership webpage for information about joining.

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