The Building Technology Educators' Society serves the community of academics and professionals who are involved most directly with the construction and structure of the built environment.
The mission of BTES is to promote and publish the best pedagogic practices, relevant research, scholarship, and other creative activity to facilitate student learning, advance innovation, and enhance the status of building technology disciplines in the profession at large.

The BTES...

  • shares the best architectural technology teaching practices
  • hosts critical discourse in focused research areas
  • enhances the mentoring process among faculty, students, and practitioners
  • hosts discussions among building technology researchers and professionals
  • facilitates connections and between researchers, professionals, industry, and associated regulatory agencies

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Latest News

AISC/ACSA Student Steel Design Competition: BTES Member Recognition
September 15, 2020
CONGRATULATIONS to a number of BTES members who were acknowledged as faculty sponsors of winning projects and jury participants in the 2020 AISC/ACSA Student S...
2020 Reflect, Connect, Project
June 10, 2020
BTES will host a series of Webinar Conversations in July around Virtual Teaching in the Technologies. Visit the following page for more information: http:...
Share Your Student Work!
April 27, 2020
As we seek to celebrate your students’ accomplishments and also learn from each other’s pin-up techniques, we invite BTES members to share with us online conten
BTES Member Recipients of 2020 ACSA Awards
February 10, 2020
Congratulations to outstanding BTES Members who are recipients of 2020 Architectural Education Awards: Karen Kensek, Distinguished Professor Award, (Univer...

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