The mission of the BTES includes nurturing exceptional students and encouraging their participation in the BTES as potential future building technology educators. To this end, student scholarships will be offered for the upcoming 2019 conference in Amherst, MA.


Two award categories have been established, one for a research paper and one for a design portfolio. Each award will be chosen through a juried process and will provide a $500 scholarship for travel expenses, free conference admission, and a 1-year BTES membership for the recipients.

CATEGORY 1: Research Paper

Background: The Research Paper option is open to students at all levels, but may be of particular interest to students in a M.S., D.Arch, or Ph.D. degree program. The successful paper will be published in the 2019 Conference Proceedings, and may be chosen by the BTES Board to be published on the BTES web site and by the conference organizers to be presented at the 2019 BTES conference by the author.

Criteria: The Research Paper has been completed either for a course or an independent project and may have multiple authors. The topic directly relates to the physical technology of architecture, and may include, but is not limited to, construction or structural technology, innovative materials, integrated systems, sustainable design, and design-build.

Submission: The research paper shall be a maximum of 5000 words and include a 100-word abstract, with references properly cited, and submitted in PDF format.

CATEGORY 2: Design Portfolio

Background: The Design Portfolio is intended to showcase exceptional student work from a project, studio(s), courses, or independent design activities. The successful design will demonstrate an integration of technology and building systems in architectural design or illustrate innovative construction and/or structural solutions. While open to all students at all levels, it is anticipated to be of interest primarily to students in a professional architecture degree program. The successful project will be displayed at the 2019 BTES conference and will be considered or publication on the BTES web site.

Criteria: The project is to be in the form of drawings (by hand or computer), 3D digital representations, and/or physical model photographs that clearly describe the design project. Within the given format, the specific layout and presentation is left to the discretion of the candidate.

Submission: The Design Project shall be submitted in PDF format, with a maximum of 5 pages in 11”x8.5” landscape orientation. It shall include a 500-word maximum essay at the start of the portfolio, establishing the student’s interest in a focus on the physical technology of architecture. It may comprise one or more design projects at the discretion of the candidate.


Submittals are due no later than March 15, 2019. Email questions and submissions to, subject “Student Award Research” or “Student Award Design,” respectively. To ensure anonymity and equity of evaluation, the reviews will be blind and the submitter’s name(s) or school affiliation(s) shall not appear on any documentation.

The Jury will be announced in January and will evaluate all submittals for potential award applicability, with notification to candidates by April, 2019.