SUBMISSIONS ACCEPTED Annually: 2021 Award Winners


The Edward Allen Student Award is the highest honor given by the Building Technology Educators’ Society recognizing students–who over their academic career–have demonstrated commitment, passion, curiosity, and excellence in the integration of building technology and architectural design.


NAAB and CACB accredited architecture programs may annually select one student currently enrolled in the final year of their first professional degree program [B.ARCH. or M.ARCH.] to receive the award. In order to be eligible to give the Edward Allen Student Award, the architecture program must have at least one current BTES member on their faculty.


Student Award winner is left to the discretion of the architecture program within the criteria listed below. The BTES is pleased to honor one student per program who is most deserving based on integration of building technology with architectural design with academic rigor and design excellence.

  • Building technology is inclusive of topics such as structures, building assemblies, energy systems, environmental control systems (active and passive), sustainable systems, material performance, material science, fabrication, project delivery, BIM, construction management, and similar.
  • Design excellence in building technology is based upon an integral relationship between a structure's performance and design intent: the innovation in application of building technology within the form, function, and fitness for purpose of the building ; high performance over the lifespan of the building; efficiency of production and assembly; durability and resilience; sustainability and environmental impact; and ability to provide a healthy, accessible, and safe environment for all users.
  • Within design studios, thesis projects, and building technology classes, excellence shall be evaluated based on the student's critical understanding of building technologies and their ability to enrich and impact building design, performance, and buildability. The student should demonstrate the ability to think critically, engage in research, and apply their knowledge to creative work as innovative conclusions.

The selected student's contact information along with the nomination statement will be submitted to the BTES using this Online Form. Each recipient of the Edward Allen Student Award will receive a medallion and certificate. The BTES will begin accepting winner submissions on February 15th. Please allow up to 6 weeks from time of submission until the medallion and certificate are received. It is up to each architecture program to plan accordingly so that you receive the certificate and medallion in time for graduation or end-of-year award ceremonies. 

Each submission form will include:

  • Student's name
  • Institution
  • Degree completed
  • Name of BTES faculty member
  • 500 word description of how this student is exemplary in regard to the award criteria
  • Student photograph
  • Up to 5 images of the student's work
  • Optional: student written work that is free to share publicly

The name, photograph, and example student work of the award recipients will be published on the BTES website. Please ensure that all submitted materials are approved for dissemination to a public audience.


For questions or clarifications, please email


Carmen Trudell, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Shannon Bassett, Laurentian University, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

Terri Boake, University of Waterloo, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada