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Membership in BTES

The BTES is a non profit organization devoted to the promotion of excellence in the teaching of technology to students of Architecture. The cost of membership in the BTES serves to allow our presence on the Internet and the organization of our Interim Meetings that are held at the ACSA Annual Meeting, as well as our Semi-Annual Conferences. The BTES is run by volunteers from academic institutions.

BTES annual membership applications are now being accepted.
Dues are tax-deductible at $30 per year and serve to support our mission and future activities.

Among your membership benefits are discounts for the next conference and discounts on publications such as the conference proceedings. Please be sure to fill in the membership information page even if you plan to pay by check and not credit card or PayPal. We strive to keep an accurate record of our membership and your information helps us to gain a clearer understanding of interest.

Click here to become a member Today!

Dues Renewal

If you are already a member and your contact information has not changed since last year, you can click on this link to submit your dues. Dues are payable on September 1 of each calendar year. If you have attended the BTES Conference in August immediately preceding, then your dues are paid. If you have not, please renew your membership so that we can continue to operate and plan for upcoming events!

The BTES Listserve

The BTES supports a listserve that is intended to provide the membership with access to news and announcements that may be of benefit (such as paper and conference opportunities, competitions, employment ads) as well as the ability to keep in contact with our colleagues between events. Use the listserve to post links to your student work and projects. Ask questions and advice from other members.

It is hoped that all BTES members will join the listserve so that your officers can keep in touch with you on important issues. Please join us at to keep in touch with the latest developments and discussions of the Society!!

Or simply email to join the listserve!

Corporate Donations and Sponsorship

Corporate and individual sponsors, you can help support our organization. All contributions are tax deductible. The BTES attempts to keep the costs of participating in its conference events to the minimum, understanding that many faculty are not supported by their institutions for attending these events.

We thank you for your support!



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