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Connector - "keeping up with our technology teaching & innovation"


"Connector" is a quarterly Newsletter that was established and edited by Edward Allen from its inception until the mid 1990s, when the editorial role was assumed by Christine Theodoropoulos of the University of Oregon.

Following developments at the 2009 Conference at the University of New Mexico, it was announced that Robert Dermody will be assuming the rold of Editor of "Connector", and that the Newletter will become the primary form for the dissemination of News and Teaching ideas for the Building Technology Educators' Society.

The new era of Connector

This is a call for your best teaching tips, stories, ideas, images, research methods, questions, provocations, and other bits you would like to share with colleagues.  Whereas the Connector of yesteryear was printed, the new Connector will be an online forum.  Please send me your submissions for the first new “issue” of Connector to be “published” on-line this spring.  Send submissions via email to as a Word doc. with embedded images.  Files cannot be larger than 5 Mb. 

Deadline is April 1, 2011….let’s Connect!

Bob Dermody

The back issues of Connector are available as PDF files through the links below.

Issue Number Date Topics
Connector Volume 01 - 1 Winter 1992 Designing Details: Gil Snyder
Polarities: Teaching Structures
Volume One Number One: An Editorial: Edward Allen
Advanced ECS Seminars: At What Cost?: John Reynolds
Teaching Building System Coordination: Stephen Kendall
Fostering Technology in Design: Stephen Diamond
Technology as Design: Tom Peters
SBSE: Teachers Helping Teachers: Dale Brentrup
Connector Volume 01 - 2 Fall 1992 There Must Be More Generalists: Jack Kremers
Polarities: Teaching in the Design Studio
Under the Umbrella of Design Studio: Charles P. Graves
Structures Teaching Polarities: Seven Teachers' Responses: Jonathan Ochshorn
Joining "Design" and "Building": Elmer E. Botsai
Building Forensics as a Teaching Tool: Tang Lee
Connector Volume 02 - 1 Spring 1993 Detailing and Ornamentation: David Evan Glasser
Polarities: Where to Begin?
Studio Teaching Polarities: Teachers' Responses
"they will be at the mercy of the engineers...": David Lee Smith
The Satire Corner: A New Approach to Teaching Design
UCLA's Bridge Project: Joe Bilello
Precision Without Quantification?: Tom F. Peters
Connector Volume 02 - 2 Fall 1993 Basic Principles of Building Science: Tang Lee
Polarities: Love or Knowledge?
On Lifting an Egg with a Kite: Atilla Bilgutay
Maybe We Should Just Join the Kids at the Beach: Luther L. Strange Jr.
Integration of Technology and Design in Design Studios: Mir M. Ali
"we should break from our emphasis on teaching and focus on student learning...": David Lee Smith
Design in the Classroom is not Far Fetched: Stephen Kendall
Connector Volume 03 - 1 Spring 1994 Don't Accept the Status of "Support" or "Service" Courses: Irv Engel
Embodies Energy Analysis Database?: Jerry Bancroft
"the current teaching of technology in schools of architecture is a joke...": Gary Black
Visual and Tactile Learning: Creating a Resource Center: Bernard Webb
Connector Volume 03 - 2 Fall 1994 We Have to Stop Characterizing Ourselves as Victims: David Evan Glasser
Too Technical: David Lee Smith
Report of Survey on Structures Curricula: Daniel F. Faoro
Responses to Gary Black
Benjamin: "Problem? What Problem?": B. S. Benjamin
Engel: "We Have a Lab; It's Called the Studio": Irv Engel
Sustainability, An Issue of Quality: Terri Meyer Boake
Teaching Architecture through Technology Courses: Patrick Rand, Hunt McKinnon
What We Teach is Design: Edward Allen
Connector Volume 04 - 1 Spring 1995 We took the plunge!: Darla Lindberg, Robert Young, Chuck Richardson
Demonstrating Acoustical Waves on an Overhead Projector: Richard Kellogg
New and Refreshing: Irv Engel
A Conference is Long Overdue: Mir M. Ali
Structural Knowledge must be Tempered by Building Knowledge: Paul Naecker
Intuition is a Fundamental Ingredient: Gary Black
Focus on the Objective of Building: Paul Naecker
The Role of Naivete in Technical Innovation: Terri Meyer Boake
Connector Volume 04 - 2 Fall 1995 Comprehensive Design Studio: Washington University
Comprehensive Design Studio: University of Maryland
Engineers in a Box: Hans Gesund
The Limits of Linear Analysis: Kirk Martini
Connector Volume 05 - 1 Spring 1996 Structure is not Foreign to the Art of Architecture: Ysrael A. Seinuk
Open Building Home Page: Stephen Kendall
The Painstaking Attention that is Crucial to Good Architecture: Bob Greenstreet, Gil Snyder
Why You Should Start an Architectural Engineering Program: Brian A. Rock
Appropriate Use of Computers: Daniel Faoro
Any Course on the Internet: Kenneth W. Schaar
Design Teacher Must Provide Leadership: Joseph Iano
Passive vs. Active: Terri Meyer Boake
Connector Volume 05 - 2 Fall 1996

Teaching Masonry in MInnesota: J. Stephen Weeks
Earth Architecture: Paul McHenry
Teaching Structural Creativity: Bruce Lonnman
Technical Issues are Not Separated from Design: Hansruedi Preisig
Face Design Responsibilities in the Classroom: Rocke Hill
Memoriam: Irv Engel

Connector Volume 06 - 1 Spring 1997 Conceptual Design of Structures: Notes from Stuttgart: Edward Allen
The Connector Talks to ACSA Tech Conference Chair Dominique Bonnamour-Lloyd
What Happened in Dallas? The Technology Conference!
The Best of Chris Luebkeman!
What Really is Important: Mir M. Ali
Synthesis: Kes Lukas
Using Software to Teach Structural Analysis and Design: A Visual Approach to Technical Subjects: Garrick Goldenberg
Connector Volume 06 - 2 Fall 1997 Teaching Structural Theory and Integration: Paul Donnelly
Concrete Chairs: Dana Buntrock
Students use Gray Matter to Learn Concrete Structures: John Rowell
NSF Grants: Dana Buntrock
Oregon Resource Center Studio: Rob Pena
Connector Volume 07 - 1 Spring 1998 New Oregon Graduate Program in Technical Teaching
Master of Building Science at USC
Taking a Building's Vital Signs: The Audubon Building: Alison Kwok
Design a Better Chicken House: Scott Wing
The Search for an Interdisciplinary Laboratory: Barry Jackson
Lighting Multimedia Information System: Mohamed Boubekri
Designing Shell Structures with Hanging String Models: Arnold Rosner
Architecture as a Resource for Science Education: Richard Kellogg
Piercing Skin: Terri Meyer Boake
Designing with Structural Steel
Resource Packs for Climate-Responsive Design: Sylvia Lavin
Connector Volume 07 - 2 Fall 1998 Teaching Technology With Design: Veronica Soebarto
SBSE Retreat Log: Edward Allen
Improving on Wright's Masterpiece
Task Group on Building
New Structures Textbook
Four Misconceptions: An Editorial: Edward Allen
New Statics Textbook
Hands on Steel at USL: Edward J. Cazayoux
Masonry Camp: David Sovinski
Connector Volume 08 - 1 Spring 1999 Constructed Designs: Bruce Lonnman
Webcasting from the Virtual Lab: Samuel Shiffman
The Raymond Report
Entre L'Architect et l'Ingenieur: Edward Allen
Yes but, An Editorial: Edward Allen
New Developments in Teaching Structural Steel
Connector Volume 08 - 2 Fall 1999 The Key Word is Integration: Sharon Kuska
The Integration of Design into the Structures Curriculum: Patrick Tripeny
Teaching the Performance Approach: Austin Parsons
Design Quizzes: Bruce Haglund
Connector Volume 09 - 1 Spring 2000 The Best of Connector
Connector Volume 09 - 2 Fall 2000 How to Kick A Building, 101: Christine Theodoropoulos
The Art of Making Magic: Edward Allen
Technology Teaching Workshop: John Reynolds
A Materials Course: Nils R. Gore
Environmental Feedback: Do We Hear It?: Thomas J. Hahn
Teaching Structures with Computer Based Media: Shahin Vassigh
An Administrator's Perspective: Sharon Matthews
Stress in Living Color: Gary L. McGavin
Architectural Charades: Christine Theodoropoulos
Connector Volume 10 - 1 Spring 2001 The Eladio Dieste Symposia: Edward Allen
Teaching Structural Integration: Bruno M. Franck
Agents of Change: Alison Kwok
2001 ACSA/AIA Cranbrook Seminar: Mark Mistur
Building Consensus in Design Build Studios: Steve Badanes
Chinese Building Science Educators Meeting: Edward Ng
Field Observations: Frederick L. Walters
Time Saver Standards for Architectural Design Data: Donald Watson
The Ninety Minute Structure: Kirk Martini
Designing Backwards: Christine Theodoropoulos
Connector Volume 10 - 2 Fall 2001 Lessons from Bapu Kuti: Mark DeKay
L'idee constructive: from Jean Prouve up to Now: Jacques White
Special Structures Taught in Schools of Architecture: Patrick Tripeny, Ronald Schaeffer
Fork in the Road: Christine Theodoropoulos
Digital Design Teaching Seminar: Nancy Yen-wen Cheng
Writingt Studio Programs that Work: Edward Allen
ACSA 2002 Technology Conference: Linda Brock, Christine Theodoropoulos
Demystifying the Publishing Process: Amanda L. Miller
Water Infrastructure and Urban Design: Katherine Rinne
Connector Volume 11 - 1 - 2 Spring Fall 2002

We've Been Teaching Structural Design Backwards: Kate Simonen
Towards Quality Time in the Classroom: Spiro Pollalis
Our Toughest Teaching Assignment: Edward Allen
A Report from the Year 2011: John Reynolds
Books a Good Technologist Shouldn't Read: Lance LaVine
Ecological Design Center: James McGrath
Teaching Structures over the Web at the Boston Architectural Center: Curt Lamb
Tools for Teaching: A Must Have Book: Edward Allen
On-Line Learning Structures: An Interview with Emma Sheperdson: Christine Araujo
From Model Making to Structural Innovation: Donald Peting
Structural Design and Coordination: Robert Dermody

Connector Volume 12 - 1 Spring 2003 Books that Beg to be Written: Edward Allen
Structuring Structures: Peter von Buelow
Reflections on Mechanics and Meaning in Architecture: Lance LaVine
Teaching Structural Problems, Failures and Repairs: Fallingwater: Rima Taher
9th Annual HOPES Ecological Design Arts Conference
Coming Home: Harrison Fraker
On Ecological Design Education and a Dream of the Earth: Mary Guzowski
New Beginnings: Yuniko Aoki
Connector Volume 13 - 1 Spring 2004 Bridging Structures, Construction and Studio: Ryan E. Smith
Building Technology: It's All About Form: Edward Allen
Design as a Model for Creative Inquiry: Frances Bronet, Gary A. Gabriels
The Energy Studies in Building Laboratory: Bridging Academia and the Profession: G.Z. Brown, Chris Chatto, Jeff Kline
Visionary Pragmatics/Pragmatic Visionaries: Renee Cheng
Design for Innovation through Fabrication: Tom Reiner
Transitions: Try-Pyramid Structures: Basil Harb
"RESIST" - Structural Modeling Software Editorial Interview with Andrew Charleson
The Encyclopedia of Housing Construction: A Service Based Learning Opportunity: Christine Theodoropoulos
MIT Building Technology Program: Leon Glicksman
Connector Volume 14 - 1 Spring 2005 Seismic Education: What do Architects Need to Know?: Christine Theodoropoulos
Cool Towers: Nader Chalfoun, Christopher Trumble
Building Construction Educators Symposium: Ryan E. Smith
Giving Creative Exercises in the Large Lecture Class: Edward Allen
Allen Wins Topaz Medallion: Christine Theodoropoulos
The Economy of Structure and the Structure of Economy: Chris Chatto
Using Case Studies in a Structures Course: Christine Theodoropoulos
The Benefits and Challenges of Digital Fabrication: Jennifer Seely
Connector Volume 15 - 1 Spring 2006 Technology in a Trash Bag: Big Lessons from a Simple Material: Deborah Oakley
Areas Where Teaching Structures Should be Strengthened: William L Thoen
A Survey of Architectural Education with a Focus on Topics of Structural Steel: David Thaddeus
Thoughts on Prefabrication: Ryan Smith
Seismic Web Site: G. G. Schierle
An Affordable Housing Technology: The SEP: J. Stephen Weeks, William Weber, John Carmody


If you are interested in submitting a teaching project, some innovative research or a news item to "Connector", please send it directly to Robert Dermody.

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